3 Ingredient Muffins

Those attuned to the online paleo sphere may be acquainted with the intriguing concept of ‘2 ingredient pancakes’ which are racking up hits faster than the common caveman can turn on his Macbook Pro. These two ingredients are bananas and eggs. I’ve tried these pancakes, and I dig the idea, but they are a little too banana-centered and squishy for my personal taste. They are also very delicate — you have to be a very careful pancake flipper or the entire endeavour is likely to end in tears and banana mush. If you do decide to go for it, thekitchn.com has a great how-to on those simple-but- finicky bad boys.

Anyway, I’m rambling off-topic. No pancakes were made or butchered in the creation of this recipe. We’re taking a muffinsome turn, with the addition of high-fibre coconut flour. I’m happy to bring you this recipe because
a) It is so simple to make, and requires so little ingredients (ones you probably already have in your kitchen)
b) I can be guilty of posting recipes with long lists of unfamiliar/hard to find ingredients — I want to post recipes that people will be able to try!
c) This is a very healthy recipe as is, and makes a great breakfast muffin, BUT it can only be made better by adding in some snazz. Oh yea, this is a snazz-it- yourself affair. Let your heart guide your every flavourful whim. I’m talkin’ berries, nuts, seeds, chocolate, dried fruit, stewed fruit… whatever tickles your fancy. So put some snazz on those muffins — stat!

Ingredients (makes 6 muffins)
3 medium free-range eggs
2 ripe medium sized bananas
40g coconut flour
1 tsp baking powder (okay, okay… I know that’s another ingredient, but I think that if you omit it they would be fine too)

Optional and recommended extras
Vanilla extract
Liquid stevia (~10 drops) or sweetener of choice

1. Preheat oven to 180C and prepare muffin tin.
2. Put all ingredients (except extras like berries and nuts that you want to keep whole) in the food processor and blend.
3. Scoop into muffin cases and add in extras, before baking for about 13-15 minutes.