Matcha Cake

What’s all this brew-haha over hulk-hued matcha, ha?

Matcha is a bright green, powdered tea. Although it comes from the same plant, matcha differs from regular green tea in that the tea bushes are shielded from direct sunlight for a period before harvest — this increases chlorophyll production and results in that electric green hue. When drinking matcha, we consume the whole, ground leaf, rather than just an infusion — in doing so we’re drinking down higher levels of antioxidants. caffeine, and a significant amount of an amino acid called L-Theanine.

L-Theanine promotes relaxation, but also alertness. It reduces stress, and tempers any caffeine-related (or life-related) jitters. Matcha can be pricey, and its health benefits occasionally overblown, but is worth investing in if you are, like me, swayed by that dazzling green colour, subtle tea taste, and air of mystery that it lends to whatever it is added. I’m going to town on the matcha magic.

This cake is grain-free, gluten-free, high-protein, sugar-free, low-carb, and has the subtle but singular flavour of matcha to add a little green magic to your day.

3 medium free-range eggs
90g cottage cheese
40g coconut flour
20g ground almonds
15g vanilla protein powder
40g xylitol + approx 15 drops liquid stevia (or sweeteners of choice)
2 tsp high quality matcha powder (should be electric green and stupid expensive)
2 tsp nutritional yeast (optional)
2 tsp vanilla extract
⅓ cup milk (I used hemp)
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda

1. Preheat oven to 180C and prepare a cake pan.
2. Mix matcha with a little hot water to make a paste, and then add a little more cold water (about 1 tbsp) Set aside.
3. Add all wet ingredients to your food processor (or mixing bowl) and combine.
4. Add in dry ingredients, and combine.
5. Add in your matcha paste.
6. Scoop mixture into cake pan and bake for approx 20 minutes or until an inserted knife comes out clean, not green.

Note: To make the topping I simply combined some vanilla protein powder, stevia, matcha, and yogurt (I used soy).